I'm Cristian Araya, a passionate Fullstack Developer. My top skills are Angular, React and Development in Amazon Web Services (AWS). My mission is to support companies in their digitalization needs, always with efficiency and sustainability in mind


Cristian has been part of two big deliveries, working as fullstack developer. Cristian has delivered with extremely high quality, he is self going and takes responsibility in everything he does. There is no doubt I would definitely cooperate with Cristian in the future.

Recommender - Rashin Kabodvand
Rashin Kabodvand
CEO, Sigma Technology Cloud

Cristian is just awesome to work with. As a full stack developer, he can be depended upon to solve all challenges you throw at him in both frontend and backend. As a team member he always brings positive energy and a mindset to deliver quality solutions on time, while offering stellar support, guidance and inspiration to other team members. I highly recommend Cristian for any team looking to increase their pace of development!

Recommender - Kristian Storm
Kristian Storm
IoT Platform Manager, ASSA ABLOY


Scandivanian Airlines – Contract

Jul 2022 – Present

I'm currently working at SAS as a Full-stack Developer, working with Java APIs and Angular to deliver a new and refurbished check-in flow to SAS's customers.

AngularJavaSpringbootAzure DevopsKubernetes

ASSA ABLOY – Contract

Sep 2021 – Jun 2022

My role at ASSA ABLOY was Cloud Developer. My assignment consisted in implementing a Single Sign-On solution for one of ASSA's customer-facing applications. In a team of three, I was one of the responsibles for this migration and in charge of the implementation of Auth0 into their existing React application. I was also in charge of the user account migration from AWS Cognito into Auth0. Shortly during this time I was acting Scrum Master for my team, until we merged our code and integrated our changes into the main branch.

ReactJavaAuth0AWSLambdaAPIGatewayCloudFormationSAMJenkinsScrum Master

Cybercom – Full-time

Apr 2021 – Aug 2021

While working at Cybercom I had the pleasure to work as a consultant at Stockholm Toy Museum. They were in need of a smart stand where a display and lights would be dynamically managed through an Alexa skill. I was appointed the development of such a skill which controlled the content shown on the display and the lights inside this stand. The media used on this project was stored in Google Drive for easy end-user management. Google API was used to retrieve the media and show it on the display. Due to limitations on Google Drive, media was instead programmatically synced to Amazon S3 for faster downloads and less restrictions. The media sync flow was triggered by the Alexa skill, queued on Amazon SQS where an Amazon Lambda picked up the work of syncing the media to Amazon S3.

At Cybercom I also worked on an in-house project, a game called "Face Your Emotions" where people could compete as a team to match to the highest extend the facial expressions asked by the game. AWS Rekognition was used to get a percentage on each possible facial expression made by the users. My knowledge in Angular contributed to an improved general structure in the code base. I introduced module structure and helped to simplify logic behind the game while maintaining its performance.

ReactAWSAlexaS3CloudFrontDynamoDBLambdaSQSRekognitionGoogle CloudGoogle Drive API